Monday, November 19, 2012

Reuben CRAIG 1812-1878

       Reuben CRAIG is hubby's 3rd great-grandfather.  According to a family history put together circa 1980's, the CRAIG family originated from Scotland.  When I started to go back in generations I came across a website (abt. 2009) of the CRAIG family name that had some of the same names in my ancestor charts.  Looking through this website I discovered this person claims the CRAIG's are High Dutch (which I learned meant they were of German descent).
       A search on in the 1870 census leads me to my Reuben, but no others.  After more research, I find one who passed away in Feb 1880, Allenstown, PA born abt. 1812 - Pennsylvania; father was born in Prussia.  The only thing that matches is the birth year and location, so is this my Reuben?  Family history says my Reuben passed away in Indiana around 1878.  So who is this Reuben that I found?
       A stumble at provides a clue, my Reuben did pass away in 1878, but still doesn't answer who this other Reuben is.  Or if my CRAIG family is still related to the one I found on that website.  And I still don't know if this family is Scottish or German descent, so I'll be looking for more clues on Reuben's family to get a clearer picture.

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