Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lola E. GUSTAFSON 1886 - ?

     Oh what a mystery this great-grandmother poses.  Lola or Lulu, as she is sometimes referred, was born about 1886 in Iowa.  She married John H. DECKER about 1907.  They could have been married in Iowa or Illinois, because in 1910 they were found on the US Federal Census.  From 1910-1940 both John and Lola are on the Federal Census records and that's where the trail goes cold.
       I can't identify her in censuses prior to 1910.  Researching her in the Social Security Index has not provided any info to date, and no information beyond 1940 is also found for John H. DECKER.  This is my brick wall.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year New Surnames

       I dabbled in my family history in my late teens, but only started doing family genealogy research with the pending birth of my first child.  I thought, what stories am I going to tell her about my father or his family, because the key people to share them were no longer here.
       I ended up being at the right place at the right time, a co-worker did genealogy and offered me my first taste of research, and I was hooked.  In those days (wow that just sounds funny and like I'm so old, lol - no offense meant to anyone) I was going to the archives, library or local LDS Family History center to try to find my family roots.  The names for some of my people are so common, Charles SMITH for example, that it was hard to discern whom I belonged to, so I am thankful for the abundance of online information available now. 
       Anyway, before I babble too much, I just wanted to say, to make it fair in family research I switch off years.  On odd years I research my family and even years I research hubby's family and that works out so well, because than I know that I'm not over focusing on my side.  So this year in my family I'm going to focus on the elusive female lines in my pedigree and hopefully come up with some new family stories!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reuben CRAIG married Ruth Ann RODMAN

       In New Jersey, as it has been passed on, Reuben CRAIG and Ruth Ann RODMAN were married.  The date and exact location are not known yet and if birth dates are correct, a  15 year age difference existed between them.
       The uncited CRAIG family history from the 1980's states Ruth's birthplace as Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey.  Using that location as a clue to look for a marriage record has been unsuccessful online, the searches have yielded no evidence to date.
       It is assumed the marriage has to have taken place before Nov 1845, since there first child, Thomas Samuel, was born by then in Ohio.  They are living in Butler County Ohio in the 1850 U.S. census and Ruth's estimated age is 23.  So Butler County is another possibility for their marriage, yet still nothing found online.
       Eleven children came from the union of Reuben and Ruth.  The first three being born in Ohio and the last 8 being born in Indiana.