Saturday, February 2, 2013

Family History Writing Challenge

This year’s family research goal is to break through my walls on my female lines.  By planning my research I’m hoping to analyze and organize my current research and plan how to further those female lines and record the progress through the writing challenge. 
In my sixteen years of genealogy research I have on occasion suffered from clickitis – that thing that occurs when you stop taking notes during your online research and continuously click through websites and can’t remember where you found that piece of information or you recognize a site that you have visited before, but can’t remember who you searched, so you start looking again. 
I first began collecting genealogy data locally making copies of available information, being on a limited budget, my research didn’t move much further than what I had found.  Discovering genealogy resources online is when the serious collection of data began, and a lack of sourcing and chronicling occurred.  Some years later I discovered my error and knew I would have to make the painstaking chore of sourcing and chronicling all that data.
This chore was taken seriously, because I wanted my research to have a solid reputation and with that desire I would learn the tools of the trade.  Essentially, learning to plan research and implement those plans will be a second goal of my writing challenge.  I started doing my research with one surname and followed collateral lines until I ran out of sources.  So I wonder how much further my research will go with goals and planning.  

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