Monday, February 4, 2013

Finding a brother and sister

       My family starts with me, then there’s mom and dad, next is my dad’s parents and my mom’s parents, and so on.  And that’s my pedigree chart.  All of my family history up to 1997 I had got from my mom, she would tell who an aunt or cousin was or who her mom’s parents were, and who my dad’s family was-because he had passed on when I was three.  I have a memory of being on a plane with my mom and brother.  We went and saw my dad’s family; it had to have been really close to the time my dad died, because I remember my brother being very small.  I remember being at my grandma’s house and it was an old farmhouse, she lived in Illinois, and the part I remember is the staircase and shelves with knickknacks on it.  My grandma in Colorado, my mom’s mom, also had a knickknack full of shelves in her kitchen and both grandmas had all sorts of treasures crammed on those shelves.
       Some years later around 1988, I rediscovered my dad’s mom.  I found her name and address in some papers my mom had.  I also found a letter she had once written talking about my older brother and sister.  I found out about my older brother and sister only a short time earlier from my mom’s friend.  I was surprised and a little hurt that I didn’t know about them and no one knew where there were at that time.  So I set out to find my brother and sister, I wrote a letter to my grandma and asked her about them.  Then I started talking with my mom about them and asking questions.
       My dad had been married before and had two kids.  The kids lived here in town while my dad was alive and I don’t know how much longer after he was gone.  Anyway after some detective work, I did find my older brother, I don’t remember if I talked with him on the phone or sent a letter.  Anyway, we drove up to Grand Junction and picked him up at the train station and brought him home.  It was weird to look at this person and know he was my brother.  In movies or TV shows when people are reunited there’s tears and hugging and apparent joy, but for me and him, it wasn’t that.  I don’t know what thought when he first met us.   It was tense and eventually words were said and feelings were hurt and it took some time to get over.  I met my sister in 1990, after I graduated high school.  I had driven to California and visited family, then drove up the Pacific Coast to where she lived in Washington.  That was an awesome trip, one that I want to take again.  Reuniting with my sister had a different feel than with my brother, it was emotional, but it was joyful.  I liked having an older sister. 
       Now we all talk, have families and keep in touch.  It’s great to have siblings.

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