Monday, March 25, 2013

Mattie J. HASKINS 1888-1926

The female line can be difficult to further along, such is the case with Mattie Josephine HASKINS and several other female relatives.  The first I knew of Mattie being my relative occurred with finding the 1920 census.  From their I gleaned Mier HASKINS, her father, living with them.  So Mattie HASKINS was my great-great grandmother, but that’s as far as I got.  Never finding her father, mother or her in any prior year census’ with the last name HASKINS.  
What I have found out about Mattie in the last few years comes from or  I did learn that she had passed on from pneumonia in 1926.  That explained why I didn’t find her on the 1930 census with Charles.  The 1885 Nebraska census shows a discrepancy in the birth year versus the 1888 engraved on her tombstone.  Her mother is listed as Harriot WEAVER in the Illinois death certificate, so that’s another clue, one that I missed at first.  A few family trees have Maude AURINGER listed as her mother.  So I spent useless hours trying to figure out who her mother was, when I had the document right before me, and when I finally did stop and read it, I felt silly.  Mattie does have a sister Maudie, that’s from the 1885 Nebraska census, and I do find a Mattie HASKINS listed living close to Charles, but the mother’s name is Clara, so is it the same Mattie?  Also, where is the family in 1900?  You would think that the unique spelling of Mier’s name would bring you luck, but it hasn't due to the lack of a common spelling of names in that time period.  
With Mattie I’m going to have to implement the project based steps, as Midge Frazel discussed in her blog: Granite-in-my-Blood, to further discoveries of her.  So for now I put Mattie aside and forge ahead with organizing, analyzing, and blogging.

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