Saturday, March 12, 2016

Going Down the Wrong Branch

     Searching for common named ancestors can have you going down the wrong branch.  Even after using some deductive reasoning and sleuthing skills, the wrong person can be chosen.  Hence the case in searching for my maternal 2nd great grandfather in-law in 1999.  The information that I found resulted in discovering two people with the same name.  Not having much information to go on to assist in clearly analyzing and deciding the correct person, I chose a Monico APODACA to pursue.  That is where the research ended until starting the research again a couple of weeks ago.  
     Picking up the research this year to continue growing the APODACA family tree, an internet search revealed results that created the need to reevaluate the branch I was going down.  The Monico APODACA that I had chosen as the potential ancestor and found on the 1880 federal census was living in Socorro County, New Mexico.  His parents were Jose and and Evarista APODACA and he has 4 siblings listed on the census.  The other Monico APODACA according to the census lived in Mora County, New Mexico, whose parents were Jose and Geralda APODACA and 3 siblings listed.  
     The Family Search website also gave some other resources for Monico.  I found a birth record, a death notice, and a christening record.  The christening record gives the birth information of Monico and names him as Jose Monico Floriano APODACA born 4 May 1878 in Wagon Mound, Mora, New Mexico to Jose Maria APDACA and Maria Geralda ACHULETA.  This matches the 1880 census family living in Loma Parda, Mora, New Mexico.  The head of household is Jose APODACA, wife Geralda and children Candelaria, Onofre, Florencia, and Monico.  There is a 1910 federal census that lists Monico and Margarita APODACA, residing in Bueyeros, Union, New Mexico, with 3 children.  Ana, Gabriela and Elois.  This I know is my ancestral 2nd great-grandfather in-law.  As Elois is the maternal great-grandfather in-law as relayed to me by the family and confirmed from his marriage record I felt comfortable with the branch I was venturing down and growing more confident I was hot on the trail.
     The last record that helps to decipher which Monico belonged into my family is a New Mexico Death index listing for 1925.  The father is listed as Monico and the mother is Margarita.  Monico is listed as being born in Mora County, New Mexico.  The sources used to help me to draw the conclusion  that the Monico from Mora County, New Mexico must be the 2nd great grandfather I am searching for.

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